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Hi! Welcome to my humble forum of Role-playing, Scavenger RP. All the adventures that we go through happens in the amazing world of Scavenger, a world in its own time period created by me. I have invested quite the time in creating this universe, and i hope you will all love it to the point you will want to RP with us! Before we get started, i have a few basic information to tell you, so read carefully.

The world of Scavenger is full of mysteries and shenanigans. It looks a lot like the earth we all know and love, but with some pretty obvious differences. The current forum is set up in the years 988, a sort of medieval era where gunpowder just got invented by the Goblins, and were the only "Robots" known are pieces of metal pieced together with a soul controlling it. The land of Scavenger is filled with magical creatures of all sorts: some intelligent or civilized enough to be considered races, others just being huge nuisance to everyone. There are a few wars between organisations, but nothing too important. The world is at a current peaceful state, and everyone is busy getting rich and/or stronger. Guilds and arenas have started showing up everywhere, as well as new Dungeons. In the pursue of power people are coming together, others are on their own, trying to find mythical weapons that could allow them to take down a certain enemy. tensions are building up, but nothing is really happening... yet.

This is where you come in. Is your character a lone wolf trying to be the next king of his nation? Are you an adventurer looking to create the ultimate party and slay legendary beasts? You can get all the information to get started in the Character section of the forum. I highly suggest reading everything before starting to actually role-play, that way you wont be lost in the middle of a quest. Id start with The Rules, so you wont get yelled at by the moderators.

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