The Rules of Roleplaying

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The Rules of Roleplaying

Post by Gorlok on Sun 26 Jul - 9:56

Okay, heres where all the serious stuff begins, and im begging you: READ ALL OFF IT. Do not expect Mods to answer to your question if it can be easily found in this section, because we assume that Everyone has red it. the forum is divided in amny aprts, and i will go over each of them, explaining in details of it works, what to do, what you cannot do and who to ask for help.


The place you currently are at. This is were you will find everything you need to create your own character. You do not pot anything here, as it is only for information. If you have any question on something, or you manage to find a loophole or something extremely overpowered, please contact either an administrators, moderator,or a rule moderator.


This is where you show the world your character, so it can get approved by the mods.It is also were you can find the guide to know how to create your own character in easy steps. There is no RP to have there.

Season 1:

This is were youll get to know whats hapenning in the world. Basically tl;dr resumes of RPs that are going on. Each time a RP is finished, the resume will be uploaded there for those who wants to know what hapenned.

Main quests:

This is where things gets interesting. Main quests are quests or adventures created by Mods and most likely admins. They are the "big" quests with huge rewards, and most likely linked to the main story. The roleplay in Main quest is post by post. Basically, you do your actions, talk to people you have to then wait for their reply. The same person cannot post twice in a row, and has to wait until everyone's turn has passed before posting again. If someone doesnt want to do anything, they can simply skip their turn by making a single post saying "Skip". The turn orders will be decided by who has the most Movement points. If there is a tie, the one with the most dexterity wins. If there is another tie, the one with the most instinct wins. If there is yet another tie, they have to roll a d20 to know whos going first. When your character is participating in a quest, he cannot start another one until it is finished or if he drops out from the quest.


The Rolls work as follow: 1d20 = One 20 faced dice. 4d4 = Four 4 faced dice. To make a roll, you have to write down this command: .
Gorlok carried out 4 launched of one d4 (Image not informed.) :
3 , 4 , 1 , 3
The dice names goes as follow: d2,d3,d4,d6,d8,d10,d12,d16,d20,d50 and d100
After you have posted your reply, if you ever edit it IT WILL REROLL THE DICE so be carefull with that.


When the party enters combat, They keep the same turn order as before. The only things that changes is that they must now use their available Action points and movement points in order to do things during their post.A turn in combat takes approximatively 12 seconds, so theres not many things you can accomplish in that short amount of time. However, as you level up, your character will get more action points and movement points, so he'll be able to do more stuff during his turn.

Each action you commit consumes Action points(AP), while movement consumes Movement points(MP). Moving to a point from another point takes 1 movement point, while running to somewhere takes 2. Any jumping, crawling or special action takes an extra movement point. Drinking a potion, reloading a gun and reloading a crossbow takes 1 Action point, while normally attacking without using a power uses 2 AP. Otherwise, the spells or powers you use will say the amount of Action points they consume, so jsut make sure you use the right amount.

After you declare an attack, you have to make some checks depending on what you did. If you attack normally, you roll a 1d20 and add your strength or dexterity modifier, wichever is the highest. As explained in character creation, the modifier is calculated by removing 10 from your current stat, then dividing it by 2, rounded down.


I am a lvl 1 fighter
I swing my Iron shortsword at this imp.
Gorlok carried out 1 launched of one d20 (Image not informed.) :
The fighter's strength is 20, his modifier is +5, so the fighter will add +5 to this die score.

This is the roll that will tell you if you managed to hit your oponnent. now, you have to roll your Damage dice so, if the attack did hit your oponnent, they need to know how much damage they felt.

The iron shortsword does 1d2 damage, + my strength modifier
Gorlok carried out 1 launched of one d2 (Image not informed.) :

And there you have it. When the Imp sees this post, he needs to post as soon as possible weather he got hit or not, and update his HP bar. To know if you got hit, you have to check your Armor Class score, if its higher than the roll to check if the sword hit, you take no damage. You either managed to dodge the sword, or blocked it with your sword, or your armor took the blow. Again, as mentionned in the character creation guide, your armor class Is calculated By adding your base dodge, to your dexterity modifier, your weapons defensive bonus and your armor. If you did get hit, some types of armor will reduce the damage you've taken or some passive effect will help you survive the blow. If you fall down to 0 hp or less, you fall uncounscious and can no longer battle. If you fall down to -10 hp, you are bleeding out and need some serious healing. You begin loosing 1 hp each 12 seconds. If you hit -30 hp, your character is dead.


A check is made by rolling a d20 + adding a specific value to the action you're trying to make. Let's say i want to jump over a ravine. I will have to make a jump check, wich is done by rolling a d20 and adding, in this case, your strength modifier. Everytime you want to make an action that involves you or other palyers, you ahve to make a check. If you are unsure of what stat to use, ask a Rule moderator or the game master. Depending on the result, the game master will tell you what happens next, so make sure to finish your post with a check if needed, because whats coming up isnt entirely up to you. Of course, simple actions like walking, running, talking or any action that doesnt require a very specific action (jumping over a trap, trying to convince an Orc into not shredding you apart, using a rope to get down a tower. etc.) doesnt require you to make any checks.Of course, you can specify what your character will do if the check succeeds by writting it in between these: <>.


I sneak up to the orc sitting near the balcony and i try to push him over.

Sneak check (dexterity)
Gorlok carried out 1 launched of one d20 (Image not informed.) :

Strength check
Gorlok carried out 1 launched of one d20 (Image not informed.) :

This is pretty much all you need to know about the rules of roleplaying. The rest is like any normal roleplay: You write down what actions your character make, and what he says. All dialogues must start with - right before them. If you want to make a comment as the player on something, write it between these : (). If your character is talking to himself/having some thoughts on his own, write it between these: ##


I walk up to the guard.
-Hello good sir! How are thou in this fine afternoon? I was wondering if you could indicate us were the tavern is?
#I am starving! I really hope he points us to the right way#
(God i hope he tells us and doesnt turn undead like the other one lol)

The last rule about Main quests, is that unless mentionned, nobody can join the quest once its started, and comments from players not in the game will be deleted.

Side quests:

This is where the quests created by other palyers will take place! When you create your own quest, you will become a game master for this specific quest. You are the one who will make the rules, monster encounters, drops etc. If you wanna do a sidequest, you must first contact an administrator and show him exactly what you ahve prepared for the players. You must have a complete quest, complete list of monster encounters and as well as come up with the different rewards. Be prepared, as players will often make your quest go off-track. When that happens, you might have to improvise things wich is compeltely fine. Try not to force palyers into following your linear quest and accept those bumps and hiccups. If this is your first time being a Game Master, tell the administrator so he can give you all the rules you need to know about how to create a game and how to verify checks.

The Arena:

This is where things get really interesting. The Arena is mostly a place were you can PvP without fear. The Arenas are places all over Scavenger where duels happens as often as a sheep eats grass. These places are surronded by a really intense aura of magic that prevents combattants from killing eachothers. If someone is near death and falls unconsious, the match is over and both players are teleported to an area where magic is supressed, when they exit this little shack, or immedietaly after the unconsious player has teleported, a team of medics rushes in to heal the injured. The fee to battle in the arena is 3 coppers and you can battle at any time, even if your charater is currently in a quest. In order to challenge someone else, you must message them that you would like to battle in the arena. Then, according to the rank differences, the defender can accept or refuse the challenge.

If same rank: The Defender cannot refuse the battle. If he does, this will count as a loss to his total.
If different rank Challenger > Defender: The defender can refuse the battle as he is out of the challenger's league.
If different rank Challenger < Defender: The defender can refuse the battle if he is more than 3 ranks higher than the challenger. Otherwise, if he refuses, it will count towards a loss.

The ranks work as follow:

You start out at Rank 0.
If you win against someone with the same rank as you, you gain 2 ranks.
If you lose against someone with the same rank as you, you lose 1 rank.
If you win against someone with a lower score than you, you gain 1 rank.
If you win against someone with a higher score than you, you gain 3 ranks.
If you win against someone with more than 3 ranks compared to your ranking, you gain 6 ranks.
If you lose against someone with a higher rank than you, you lose 1 rank.
If you lose against someone with a lower rank than you, you lose 2 ranks.
If you lose against someone with less than 3 ranks compared to you, you lose 3 ranks.

The Arena is going to work in a whole other way than how usual roleplay works. When you challenge someone to an Arena fight, you first off pay the fees and enter the arena. Then, Both players will have to write/record/film/draw, whatever the way they want to do it, describe how the battle went between both characters. So we will end up with two different versions of the fight. After this is done in a time limit set by the challenger, other players (the spectators) will vote on wich battle they prefered, and the battle with the most votes will be the winner.

Why am i doing this this way? To bring some variety into how we roleplay. This will also force players to actually sit down and write a good battle, instead of simply overpowering their oponnents. You can use any tools you want to do your battles: videos, animations, drawings, sprites, voice acting, any medium is accepted! the goal here is to get as many votes as possible, so if the other players are more entertained by your battle than your opponent's, you are more likely to get more votes than him. Of course, never forget to factor in the actual levels of the characters that are fighting eachothers, but apart from that there are no rolls, no checks to be done. Simply tell us how the battle would go and who, in your opinion would win.

Winners in the arena will get rewards proportionnal with their ranks and how many people voted. Losers will also get rewards depending on their performance! So feel free to battle it out as much as you want!

The dungeons

The land of Scavenger possess many dungeons. There are natural dungeons, like caverns filled with all sorts of creatures, and artificial dungeons, created by a Dungeon Master. A dungeon Master is, usually, someone with alot of money that wanted to make more money... by killing adventurers. They create complicated and hard dungeons for adventures to try to beat. If the adventures actually manage to beat the dungeon, they are given tremendous amounts of treasures. If they die or fall uncousnious in the dungeon however, they are stripped down of all their possessions and kicked out of the dungeon (if they are still breathing that is). The dungeons work like any quest would work, except that it can be started whenever the pre-requisites are obtained. All dungeons are repeatable by anyone, but be carefull: all the dungeons are very hard and you will most likely die if you come in not prepared. Dungeons will be added as we create them, so stay alert for new dungeons to come.


This section is where players and staff can create guilds. In order to create a guild, here is what you need:
Level 10
A house or someplace you can call a Guild Hall
Have hosted one sidequest related to the guild
5 people willing to join

If you meet those requirements, you can create a topic where all of the guild's activities, random chat and daily routines can happen. A Guild master can assign quests and weekly tasks offered to the guild members only. Lore moderators, Moderators and Administrators will give the Guild masters the quests and tasks available to their guild for each week, and the guild master will be able to pick some of them to put up on their main Billboard. If the guild master wants to create sidequests, he has to go throught the same process as any Game master would. The tasks however are simple jobs with no/a few risks that guild members can do over the weekend for coins and/or experience points. To join a guild, simply ask the guild master or show up to the guild hall. Don't forget that if you have to many members staying at the guild, you might need to expand it. The rules for joining/staying in the guild is totally up to the guild masters.


This is where you can post whatever's on your mind! Games random topics, opinions on stuff anything at all! Just have fun :3


These are the permanent shops. Its shops where you can buy stuff, and those shops will always be there. During your quests, you will end up on more interesting shops than these ones, wether its because of the items they are offering or the item's prices, but if you are in dire need of an item, here is where you will get it.


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