Important groups and organizations

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Important groups and organizations

Post by Gorlok on Sun 26 Jul - 10:01

These groups and organisations are famous through all Scavenger. If you are skilled/lucky enough, your character might end up in one at some point during his/her adventures. Just hope that you'll end up with them and not against them.

Kims-Vat: The Royal Guard and form of authority in almost all Scavenger (at least wherever there is a city). This group is composed of all races without discrimination, they are simply following orders. They are the guards, no matter what city or what country you are in. They have the power to arrest anyone if they can find the suspect and they are not afraid to use brute force. They are led by one of the richest family in Scavenger, the Lance family. They are considered more of a gigantic army employed by most of the royality, because of how good they are at their job.

Skrynat: Huge bounty hunter guild. Their goal is to make a fortune by bringing the heads of prisoners or murderers to kings. However, they are also employed by various people. As long as the purse is full, heads will roll.

Purifiers: Small extremely powerful group of all races ... except humans. Their goal is to rid Scavenger from the tyranny of humans and elves who ally with them, although some elves are also allied with the purifiers. Their leader is a Wyrm, the dreaded Seranam wich possess immense powers and is without mercy. If you are human, there is no way to get on good terms with them, the punishment they inflict on a traitor being worse than anything you can offer them. If you are a human you have two choices: get ready to battle, knowing that they are well trained warriors, or, run away! For other races, if they see you helping humans, they will put you on the same side, but if you decide to help them, they promise you wealth and power. Watch out, however, an alliance with them will likely make you a hated target of humans and elves, and without protection, you may soon be the target of an assassination. This group is extremely sought by the Kims-Vat.

Warriors' Guild: Guild mainly composed of warriors, they primarily deal with tasks such as: kill wolves, get rid of goblins on a farm, etc. They recruit every good warrior that knows how to handle a weapon, and will not stop at any challenge. They are actively recruiting and have outposts in alot of major towns.

Clan Mi-Wolves: Group founded some years ago. They recruit all persons under the influence of a werewolf curse, but not fully transformed and looking to find a cure for their torment. Now important enough to be considered as a group, they ask the support of other races to be accepted among them, and help them in their quest against their curse.

The Unrealistics: A group that is the exact opposite of the Purifiers. This group consists of only a few humans and elves. They kill all other races freely and without care. Just like the Purifiers, they are highly sought after by the Kims-Vat. If you are not human, or elf, and you meet them, you should immediately flee unless you are sure of your combat capabilities. However, they are open to all races on the black market, where they sell their body parts and other nasty stuff.

Warlocks: Group appeared after the appearance of the devil. Being big fans of demon, they put their lives at the disposal of a really powerfull demon that appeared recently which, once hidden, erected a portal to the world of demons. However, the portal was messed up by a certain individual, and instead it teleported the Hakloches. The demon was defeated and forgotten forever. The group that supported the demon are now searching for a new demon to praise and support into this world.

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