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Gods and Demons

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Kisham: God of balance and creation. Kisham is the god to which the territory of Scavenger was assigned. Once there, he created some races and, centuries later, races created by other gods made ​​the discovery of the territory. Therefore, the natural balance toppled Kisham and he was forced to use humans and make them into new gods.
Appearance: Man with a hood covering his head, holding scales in his hands.

Vanskaär: God of War. This God supports his disciples who are fanatics of combat. From simple duels, to fighting dragons, through the epic bastions, the god attends all confrontations. He was the first God created by Kisham wishing to keep an eye on the coming confrontation. Appearance: Man carrying a large stone sword. (Neutral Rank)

Naësva: Goddess of love and goodness. This goddess exists due to the purity of things and wants the good in the world. Disapproving of his words of violence, she and Vanskaär are still arguing. Appearance: Beautiful woman dressed in white while releasing a large aura of healing. (Rank good)

Zrïvaay: God of destruction and evil. To maintain balance, Kisham considered it essential to make a god of evil. Zrïvaay loves destruction and would plunge the world into chaos. Appearance: Man that looks like a psychopath, but is mentally very powerful. He keeps the head of his brother that he killed with his bare hands. (Rank evil)

Augam: God of celebration and humor. This god loves partying and all the little pleasures of life. What excites him most is to put monkey wrenches in the plan of the other gods. In other words: Fuck shit up. Appearance: very cheerful man who loves to drink, but physically very powerful. (Chaotic Rank)

The Demonic Entities are those who hold power within the Other Place. Being made of Essence, they can take any shape and thus assign powers. The most powerful weapon to an entity is a name. If she knows your name, she can turn against you anything you attempt. Entities are invulnerable to all non-pure metals, only iron and silver can hurt an entity. Naturally, entities can address them without a problem. The entities cannot enter our world voluntarily; besides, they hate it anyway. They must be invoked by a magician to come to our world. The magicians invoke the entities in a pentagram to protect the demon and consequently, to force it to obey its summoner. To break free from the grip of the magician, the entity must fulfill the mission that it will give him, after which he will be free to go back where he came from. As is, the magician that binds the entity to our world, their death will also free the entity. The entities live on 7 distinct levels. Some appear in their true form from a level. They are classified in ascending order according to their power:

-Gnome: Small and stocky, has virtually no power except his gifts for espionage. Can change its appearance on the first level, that humans see.

-Grifflare: Slightly larger than a gnome, the grifflare does not hesitate to use his physical strength and his meager transformation capabilities. Visible from the third level, it is only visible to humans with special lenses.

-Mourate: The mourates have a feel for the hair. They are physically strong, but mentally rather lacking. Magicians use them mainly for housework. Visible from the fifth level.

-Djinn: The most used entity, it has invaluable talents. The jinn are sneaky, they often try to misinterpret what you ask them to do, so do not let your words towards it lack accuracy, and be specific. Otherwise, one may be surprised. They are classified by levels ranging from 1 to 5, 5 being the most potent. Visible only to the seventh level.

-Afrit: Both extremely powerful and difficult to control, only experts magicians should try these. Always visible.

-Marid: If you one day the have chance to see one, you certainly do not have the chance to stay alive long enough to tell others about it. The aura of Marid is so powerful that men can see it with the naked eye.

To summon an entity, you need the Summoning skill. The skill level determines the level of the entities that you can invoke. Invoking an entity has several purposes defined by the power of the entity. When you invoke it, you assign a task it must perform in order to regain his freedom. Their abilities are not all the same, think first of the entity type to rely on the type of mission you book him. Of these entities, some stand out:

-Touska: Gnome that serves Human Kings. The most powerful gnome there is.

-Michalesse: Griflarre that have distinguished itself with its spy talents. It is the only Griflarre to defeating a level of djinn 2.

-Ivari: The oldest mourate, he knows almost everything. He killed nearly 600 gnomes and 50 humans.

-Iraile: It is the only mourate who can change his physical appearance to the 6th level.

-Dounska: Djinn level 3. She is known for her docility and loyalty to her masters.

-Suémitrab: Level 3. This Djinn has survived countless wars and battles. It has even been a close friend of Ptolemy, which is very rare occurrence among jinn and human. Smart, cunning and extremely intelligent, it is a djinn that has already defeated afrits and even a Marid.

-Robaj: Djinn level 4. It compensates its stupidity with its powerful detonations.

-Lraukaf: Djinn level 5. Grand rival of Suémitrab, however, he tends to tell the truth too much. More powerful than his rival, yet he accomplishes far less exploits.

-Rivaär. Afrit who was the personal guard of the king of Minosdaret, until the latter died of the flu.

-Maëry: Afrit known for the power of her charms and her choice of physical apparances; always of ultimate beauty.

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